Pilot Error Accidents


Pilot Error is an action or decision of the Pilot that, if not fixed and corrected on time, might contribute to the occurrence of an accident or incident.

Many Aircraft Accidents are attributed to "pilot error," as if there is a difference. So another concept in human error is the error chain, in each Aircraft Accidents there are a series of errors that link together to form the error chain, is not broken on time to prevent the accident. In other words, if one link of the chain were broken, the accident would not happen.

Pilot Error, does not indicate that all errors are the fault of the Pilot. Sometimes other external circumstances are the cause of accidents or incidents.

Knowing why Pilots make errors is helpful in development preventing always more methods such creating more intense training programs and redesigning new strategies to avoid future accidents.

As Pilots commonly called Human Factors is about people, is about people in the working and living environments, and also is their relationship with the equipment procedures and the environment.
Human Factors deals with errors that pilot make, and why these errors happened, and how we as Pilots
how we can prevent them .

As I have mentioned, Pilot Error is given as the primary cause in the majority of accidents.
However, it is possible that Pilot Error can reduce accidents if the Pilot made a conscious decision to continue to improving every day about the concept of Safety and learn from the latest accidents happened in the past.

In my professional interpretation concerning and sharing this information, I want to help to understand when Pilots in general, are more likely to have an accident or incident , it does not mean to understand that accidents could be happen any time anywhere, accidents and incidents happen in seconds , no matter if you gathering to many flight time in your log book for many years , the best attitude to have is that every Pilot are vulnerable at all times and that should exercise caution all  times.

Always improving your ability to learn, the best way is to learn is by being an active participant in the learning process, the more you process the information about why accidents happened, the better you will retain it.

We are humans and everyone makes mistakes no one is perfect in life, but the most important is the responsibility for avoid accidents, because sometimes accidents is largely the fault of people, not the machines the fly.

Think Safety all the time, Safety is our greatest commitment of all in this business; friends don’t let friends to forget Safety, be alert all the time in your flights, and expect the unexpected, always fly safely.
Safety First !!!!


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  1. An excellent post. Human factors can be used to keep everyone safe. Keep up the safe... always first!