Stabilized Landings

Stabilized Landings

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Happy New Year to all my readers and enjoy my Safety Blog! I wish you the best of health and happiness in 2018 and Fly Safely at all times.

So, today I want to share something very interesting some approach techniques on runway excursion prevention. I am very motivated person to promote Air Safety through the world to prevent Aviation Accidents in all type of phases during flying. 

Stabilized Approach criteria have successfully elevated in the Cockpit Awareness of risky approaches.

Runway excursion can occur on Take Off or Landing, let’s analyze  these expressions:

·         Veer Off: Depart the side of the runway.

·         Overrun: Depart the end of the runway.

Most common types of Approach and Landings accidents : landing veer off , landing overrun , unstabilized  approach , control flight in to terrain ( CFIT ) , collision with terrain no CFIT ,and runway overshoot . These comprise the 78 % of the total approach and landing accidents.

So, rushed and  unstabilized approaches  are the largest contributory  factor in Controlled Flight In to terrain ( CFIT ), and other approach  landing accidents . Evaluation some operations briefing notes approach techniques, rushed approaches result  in inadequate time for the flight crew to appropriately  plan , prepare , and execute a safe approach .

Specific Factors involved in rushed and unstabilized approaches. Therefore, flying stabilized approaches complying with the stabilization criteria and approach to understand well the concept to stay away from incidents and accidents is the key, so, if the Pilot continued flying and unstabilized approach, maybe the pilot will encounter some targets that should be met for the approach and need to understand the following these four steps strategy immediately to escape and incident or accident, anticipate, detect, correct and decide.

These strategies will constitute a common sense objective and reference for the Pilot Flying and the Pilot not flying the airplane.

Monitoring, provide the time an ability and attention must require in this final and critical phase of flying so back up timely and precise any deviation callouts for effective correction on time, positive corrective actions should be taken before any deviation that develop in to a challenging or a hazardous situation in which the only safe action is immediately execute a GO AROUND.

All crews have to remember these three essential parameters to be stabilized for a safe approach:

Aircraft Track, Flight Path Angle, and Air Speed.

So, associated flight operations briefing notes communicate, that the following notes must review with this information to share:

  •   Decent and Approach Profile Management.

  •   Energy Management during the Approach.

  •  Being Prepared to a GO AROUND Immediately.

  •   Flying Constant Angle Non Precision Approaches.

  •   The Final Approach Speed.

  •   Factors Affecting Landing Distances.

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Keep in mind failure to Go Around contributed to one – third of all landing excursion accidents.

Always attempt to make a Stabilized Landing ,it  is a landing conducted where your aircraft is completely controlled from a point 50 feet above the threshold to a full stop on the landing surface, without any unintended or adverse aircraft deviations from the planned and briefed maneuver . 

Fly a Stabilized Approach always, the risk of an approach and landing accident or incident is increased if you don’t identify the strategies to reduce the risk of runway excursion , 
Fly Safely all time !!!

Latest Accident : Pegasus B738 at Trabzon on Jan 13th 2018, runway excursion
Aircraft next day in daylight
Source : The Aviation Herald 


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